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The Den, Leeds                  

Terms & Conditions


1. The groups/organisations must have their own insurance cover; including indemnity cover.  (Please note small private family bookings which have not been organised by a third party such as a professional party organiser are not required to have their own insurance policy)

2. Groups and organisations should abide by their own safeguarding child and adults policies which are up to date and meet the needs of the group. In the event the group does not have their own policy it may be appropriate for them to work in line with that of The Den. 

3. The Den has the right to refuse an application for hire submitted by any person.

4. The Hirer must be aged 18 or over.

5. Notice of cancellation must be made as soon as possible, with the following proviso:

  • For a single party/event booking: 50% of hire charge will be refunded with up to 2 weeks notice, for less than 2 weeks notice, no refund will be given.

  • For weekly users: one week (7 days) notice is required of a need to cancel a booking, notice of cancellation less than one week before a regular booking will be charged at the full hourly rate, extenuating circumstances will be considered but they must be discussed and agreed with The Den.


6. Hirer must ensure that the premises are left clean and tidy. The cost of any additional cleaning will be deducted from this deposit. All rooms are to be COMPLETELY VACATED by the end of the booked period and all rubbish must be taken away. 

7. The Hirer will, during the period of hire, be responsible for the supervision of the premises, the fabric and the contents, their care, safety from damage, however slight, and for the behaviour of all the people using the premises.

8. The Den reserves the right to reclaim from the Hirer any costs incurred in connection with damage or misuse etc. 

9. The Hirer shall not sub-hire the premises or allow the premises to be used for any purpose other than that stated on the Booking Form, and not bring on to the premises anything that may damage or endanger the premises or render invalid any relevant insurance.

10. The Den has the power to terminate any agreement relating to the hire if it is considered that the Hirers have in any way damaged the building, fittings, fixtures or furniture or have subjected them to undue wear and tear or in any other way been guilty of a breach of these conditions.

11. The Hirer shall ensure that in using the premises that the laws relating to alcohol, gaming, betting and lotteries are not contravened, and that the number of persons declared on the booking form occupying the premises is not exceeded.


13. The Hirer shall, if preparing or serving food, observe all relevant food health and hygiene regulations. All crockery, cooking utensils, and kitchen equipment must be washed, dried and properly stored after use.

14. Hirers will be required to provide their own table linen / decorations.

15. Nothing is be fixed to the walls by any method.

16. All exits to be kept clear.

17. The main entrance doors should be closed and locked once the event is underway. If the door is left open, or needs to be opened during the event booking, it is done so at the hirer’s risk. Any issues regarding intruders or concerns about safety in the car park must be immediately reported to the police.

18. The Den will not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or accidents during the occupation of the hire.

19. Your booking permits cars parked to be parked for up to 3 hours at nil cost in the designated parking bays.

20. Booked times are to include any preparation and clearing up time you may require.

21. At the end of the hire period a representative from The Den will attend to lock up. Under no circumstances must the hirer leave the premises unattended and unlocked. If you consider that you may finish early, please request a contact number when the venue is opened up for you.

22. Electrical Items. All items stored on the premises must have a current PAT test label. Any items used on the premises by professionals hired for the occasion must comply, for example a professional Disco, rather than the hirers own domestic equipment.

23. Personal equipment and possessions brought into the premises are the responsibility of the hirer. The Den will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

27. Music: The Hirer undertakes to satisfy any requirements under performing rights for the performing or playing of live or recorded music. Any Hirer who intends to play music or have a live band agrees to inform the booking secretary in writing at the time of booking. The Hirer undertakes to ensure that all noise is kept to a level such that neighbours of the church premises are not unduly disturbed. The Hirer agrees in any event to terminate all loud noise on the premises at 11.00pm.

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